Спорт посреди хаоса: многодетная мама-йог вдохновляет своими видео в Инстаграме

Катерина Гайворонская
Люблю детей и писать. Люблю делиться полезной информацией и знаниями с остальными
Люблю детей и писать. Люблю делиться полезной информацией и знаниями с остальными

Частенько мы ищем себе любые отмазки, лишь бы не начинать заниматься физическими нагрузками. Особенно легко это делать, когда ты воспитываешь больше одного ребенка. Но пора признаться себе в своей лени и неповоротливости и вдохновиться примером других мамочек.

Кензи – молодая мама троих детей и практикующий йог. Она никогда не искала себе отмазок и занималась йогой даже среди своего многодетного хаоса. У Кензи уже больше 260 000 подписчиков в Инстаграме, где она делится фотографиями из семейной жизни, асанами, и рассказывает, как их выполнять. Ее видео и правда очень мотивируют. Девушка показала, что для занятий йогой достаточно иметь коврик и желание что-то делать. И даже дети тогда не смогут помешать, а только помогут в каких-то моментах.

Пора приниматься за дело!

Shoes can actually be the difference of me ever practicing a pose 😂 I’ve been scared to try the flipped-grip bow pose cuz I hadn’t tried in a whole year and a half but hey I got it! I can’t wait to work on this pose. . . And Lola, my little bear, just climbing allllll over me 🤗 And my necklace she’s chewing is a teething necklace, made for her to chew. By @mamaandlittle . Is there anything else I need to know about, brilliant ideas like these?!? . 🧐 . Anyway, I was really excited about my back bending today. 🙌🏽. . Comfy cozy threads @aloyoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ Helpful kicks by @bangsshoes 👟 Rad beat boxing tunes by @hawking1 👌🏽🤘🏽. . . . . . . #yogamom #yoga #yogavideo #yogi #fitness #fitmom #strong #corework #igyoga #yogapractice #baby #postpartum #beagoddess #aloyoga #beagoddess #backbending #baby #babylove #momlife

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1. I wish sometimes, ok a lot of times, I had my own cool shala to yoga in. Or can I apparate to Hogwarts, or India, or to the middle of the forest or something. . . 2. The cool slidey handstand totally inspired by the one and only @erinkellyart 🌬❤️🙏🏽 . . 3. I love playing this back and seeing Lola watch my legs in the air. Cute. Every time. . . PS Did u see my story, where we LEGIT met THE monkey from Night at the Museum?! She was so stinking cute. I want a monkey!!! 🐵 Oh WAIT, I HAVE ONE (( aka Lola bear!! )) ☺️ . . Happy Friday night friends ✌🏽🤟🏽 . . Outfit @aloyoga 🤘🏽. . Song by @theoudplayer , which makes me want to travel the world. Thanks for taking me there in my messy living room 😅. . . . . #yoga #thefityogitrainer #yogamom #yogavideo #yogi #fitness #fitmom #strong #corework #igyoga #yogapractice #baby #postpartum #beagoddess #aloyoga #beagoddess #backbending #baby #babylove #momlife #friyay #vibes

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This song. Is sung by my girl Chandler, @chandlersinging who wrote and recorded this when she was like 13 years old 😱😱😱 R u kidding me?!? Amazed. Now she’s 18, and rockkkkkkking it. I love her voice and she’s just so stinkin cute. I just felt the need to tell u about her because she. Is. Talent. And I love seeing born talent like that, and how she cultivates and shares it with everyone. She does unique covers but also writes/composes FRICKIN GOOD originals! This particular song is called, Goodbye, (it’s totally stuck in my head and I love it) and u can find it on Spotify in her “Flashbacks” album (all produced when she was 13-14yo)! She’s off to college now, at USC, where she made it into their music program (duh) !!👏🏽👏🏽 Chandler, I love u girl! They will be lucky to have you and all the happy, musical light you offer!!!! 😘😘😘 . . . Outfit/mat are @aloyoga 🖤. . . . . #yoga #momlife #thefityogitrainer #beagoddess #yogavideo #yogapractice #dance #gymnastics #beachbody #dance #fitnessgoals #yogalife #zen #workout #health #postpartum #calisthenics #inspiration #fitspiration #inspo #fitspo @yoga #flow #work #everydamnday #strong #breathe #fitness

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I wasn’t gunna post this. Like I almost just deleted it. But, then i thought what the heck. I want you to know that I have less-than-desirable practices too. I was off this morning. Honestly, I was just so tired. I was up with Lola all night. . . I couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t get my feet thru my hands, couldn’t press up from blocks, or from the splits, nor from crow. . . Lola kept getting in the way. It was a little chaotic. Usually it doesn’t affect me but my practice this morning was mostly me sitting around and laying down on my mat. I felt heavy. Instead of getting frustrated, i just accepted it, and made a mental note that sleep makes a difference. . . And then tonight I got back on my mat for 30 min cuz I felt like it. It went better. . . But the point is, everyone has crappy days. Even your “idols”. Even tho @erinkellyart ‘s “bad days” would look like my best day on steroids 🤣 we all have practices where we just feel heavy and weak, and I know even badasses like Erin and @casa_colibri and @upsidedownmama and @coffeeandrainbows and others know what I’m talking about. #amiright . . But it’s OKAY. You still came. Go to sleep. Go eat something. Go shower. Come back later. Or tomorrow ¨̮ . 🤘🏽🤟🏽✌🏽 . . . . . Outfit @aloyoga Fun slippers @lazyoneinc . . . . . #momlife #yogamom #yoga #practice #mom #fitness #dedication #mondaymood

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